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Butwal - Visit Butwal Nepal - Travel Batauli Nepal

Butwal (Nepali: बुटवल) is a large town in southern Nepal in Rupandehi District, in Lumbini Zone -- of which Butwal is the administrative center. It is located 240 kilometres west of Kathmandu and 22 kilometers north of Bhairahawa, at the northern edge of the Terai plain below the Siwalik Hills. Its name is derived from Batauli Bazaar in the town's oldest district.

Through highway and air links, Butwal connects western Nepal to the capital Kathmandu. It has highway connections to the Indian Border at Sunauli and to hill towns Tansen and Pokhara. Butwal is a major gateway to Nepal.

Butwal is a small city of about eight thousand hector square in area, situated on the low-altitude flat-land (Terai) near the border side to India, is a home to eighty thousand Nepalese of different religion, language, ethinicity and identity. Butwal connects Bhairahawa city, Tansen town, and Narayanghat city through different highways. Butwal is only 26KM from the Indian Border and about 22 km from Bhairahawa, and Tansen is about 36 KM away from Butwal.

Fossils of ancient hominoids Ramapithecus were found near the Tinau (Tilottama) River as early as 1932, including a 10.1 million year old tooth.

Historically Butwal connected Nepali people with their Indian neighbors. As the British East India Company annexed Awadh from its hereditary rulers while the Shah Dynasty attempted to annex the Terai, Butwal became one of bones of contention leading to the Gurkha War 1814-16.

When King Tribhuvan fled to India in 1950 during the revolt against the Rana dynasty he travelled through Butwal. Then it was little more than a village on the western bank of Tilottama River (also known as Tinau). With completion in 1968 of Siddhartha Highway from the border at Sunauli through Butwal to Pokhara and then in the 1990s Mahendra Highway across the full east-west expanse of Nepal's Terai, Butwal has developed rapidly.

The city of Butwal, whose population grew from a mere 26,824 in 1991 to a staggering 3,71,884 in 2008 has progressed multi dimensionally when compared to the other small townships of the country. Most of the population consists of Tribal people, who have been dependent on Butwal for their trade and commerce for a very long time. There is also a constant flow of tribal immigration from other towns and hilly villages. The majority of the population is Hindu and there is a considerable Muslim population from the Terai region.

What makes Butwal? 
Butwal is known for commerce, industries and agriculture. It has Nepal's second largest horticulture business, and has more than one thousand industries and business enterprises employing over four thousand people. The Tinahu river waters Butwal's flat land, and many farmers use under-ground water system for drinking and supplying water to their farms. Many farmers here have embraced integrated farming, and schools and universities in this region continue to grow. Rice, Wheat, Bean, and Beaten Rice are popular agriculture produce. Many of such produce are equally imported from India and sold to major cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara.

Apart from its major role in the enhancement of trade in Nepal, Butwal has also acted as a great center for education. It is one of the well renowned education hubs of the Lumbini zone of Nepal, with 4 reputed colleges, a few Private colleges and a number of schools. It also boasts on the performance of students with an average score better than anywhere in the country. With a number of educational institutions giving opportunities of higher studies in Engineering, Medicine, Fine Arts and Commerce and Management, Butwal functions as a viable option for healthcare to the rural hilly areas neighboring the city.

Major Educational Institute in Butwal-:

  • Butwal Multiple Campus (Nepali: बुटवल बहुमुखी क्याम्पस) has more than 5000 students and classes in Arts, Education, and Science.
  • Annapurna Model College has a B.A. program.

Places to Visit at Butwal Nepal
Like most of Nepal, Butwal also capitalizes on the great industry of tourism. The major attractions in Butwal include the hill park, the Siddha Baba temple and the museum.

  • Aap Khola (mango river) where people go for swimming and to obtain water during droughts. There is a view of nearby Manakamana Temple.

  • Butwal Hill Park (Deepnagar) - an historic place for the Gurung community. This hill used to be called Gurung Dada because Gurungs were buried here. It separates the city into 2 parts and gives views of both sides.

  • Phulbari (PhoolBari) (Manimukunda Park) - The winter palace of Palpali Sen clan is very fascinating from natural and archaeological values. There are ruins and antiquities of the majestic palace of Manimukunda Sen an ancient Palpali king containing 6 large rooms as well as royal residence, administrative and fascinating scenic grandeur of Butwal, Siddharthanagar and other neighbouring villages of Rupandehi district can be vividly seen from here at night also. His Majesty's Government, archaeological department has attempted to maintain it in 1991. Now Butwal municipality has formed council for the conservation of Manimukunda Sen Park to conduct Phulbari Development Programme and attempted to make it an amusing and a tourist resort.

  • Jitgadhi - a fortress during Angol Nepal war, Narayan temple built by (1864 B.S.) Hanuman temple and Shivalaya of Hanumagngadhi, Jalabinayak Mehadev temple, Siddababa temple, Nuwakot etc. are famous centres of attraction in Butwal.

  • Murgiya Jharbaira - about 13 km west from Butwal city. This place is known for secondary schools, rice and oil mills, temples and natural beauty. Temple of Lord Shiva (Parroha Parmeshower Bolbam Dham) is situated near by here with is internationally famous for receiving blessings from Lord of the Lord Shiva Shankar and temple of Goddess Durga at the center of town.

  • Sainamaina - Located about 12 km. west from Butwal and to North from Banakatti, Sainamaina as an open museum is very famous and fascinating resort from historical archaeological culture and natural points of view. Among the different Gramas villages of Shakya King, it was in the samgrama site. An Indian queen (Begum Hazrat Mahal of Awadh) because of the British disturbance in her kingdom came to this area with her soldiers and porters (‘Sena’ and Mena’) and finally this area came to be known as Saina Maina. It is an exquisite treasure trove of ancient ruins and antiquities: statues of dancing saints, ruins of palace, well etc.

  • Siddha Baba Temple is located on hills at the border of Butwal Municipality. Devotees believe that Siddha Baba will grant their wishes and offer pigeons at the temple. On Saturdays, the weekly holiday in Nepal, large number of devotees visit this temple and special Microbus services are offered.  The temple is located 1 Kilometer from Butwal, on the SiddharthaHighway to Tansen and Pokhara. Visit this temple to worship, and also to get an awesome view of the Tinau River.                  It is said that Siddha Baba will grant the wishes of the devotees who visit the temple. Every time a person's wish is granted, that person will release a pigeon at the temple. Interestingly, there is a large number of pigeons found around the temple.

  • The Statue of Buddha (Jogidanda) was very significant different ruins of having the values of classical art are scattered here and there. This famous archaeological site is being occupied by homeless and landless people. Some of the antiquities of this site are seen thrown around the Lumbini museum.
  • Nuwakot Hill Top : Climb the Nuwakot Hill Top (890 meter), located at north east of Butwal. Get breathless views of Himalayan range including Macchapuchhre in North and views of the Lumbini and Terai region from Butwal to Bhairahawa.

Where to Stay and Eat
There are several budget hotels at Traffic Chowk, near the bus stop, in the center of town of Butwal on the main road.

The Major & best Hotel at Butwal is given below-:

Hotel Sindoor, a little south of the bus stand, is a modern quiet place with clean rooms for $24/35 (Appox). It is a bit overpriced. You may get a discount. It is the best place in town. Its is 26 Km. from the Indian Boarder and 22 Km. from the airport Bhairahawa. 

Hotel Sindoor has 22 Suite, Deluxe, Air-conditioned, air-cooler rooms, Rooms are furnished and decorated with Nepali Style and culture. All the rooms are attached bath with hot and cold water round the clock. For your dining pleasure we offer you wide varieties of delicious food from four major cousins Nepalese, Indian, Chinese and Continental at its own Dining hall. And you can enjoy soft and hard drinks at its Simrik bar. We have 3 conference and Banquets hall. The biggest once accommodates 150 and other has capacity of 50 and 30. We accept foreign currencies, MasterCard. Visa card and Travelers Cheque. On request we can provide Domestic and international air tickets as well train ticket to different part of India.

Hotel Sindoor have National, International telephone services, Fax and e-mail service. We have beautiful garden and parking on its own premises. You contact Hotel Sindoor by calling at +977-071-540381, +977-071-540189 or Visit

Hotel New Gandaki which has really basic rooms with common bath for Rs 140 Appox and Rs 225 (appox) with bath.

Santosh Guest House, a few blocks west of Traphik Chowk, is one of the best budget places.

Hotel Siddhartha, Traphik Chowk, has clean, comfortable rooms with bath and hot water for Rs 400/450. It has a good restaurant.

Hotel Kandara, Traphik Chowk, is a modern place with a pleasant, small garden. It has clean rooms with bath for Rs 300/450 Appox, with hot water and a carpet for Rs 450/750 Appox, and with A/C for Rs 1250 Appox. Most rooms have a TV and air-cooler. The rooms in the front can be noisy. It has a decent restaurant.

How you will Get In Or Out from Butwal Nepal
Fly from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa and then drive from Bhairahawa to Butwal, or drive all the way to Pokhara to Butwal or from Narayanghat to Butwal. Many tourists chose to visit Butwal after visiting Lumbini, the Birth Place of Bouddha. The airfare from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa is about Rs 2000 Appox. , and a bus ticket from Bhairahawa to Butwal is about Rs 10, and a bus ticket from Kathmandu to Butwal is about Rs 200 Appox.

Long distance buses depart from Traffic Chowk, Butwal Bus Park on the main road. The government Sajha Yatayat booking office a little down from Traffic Chowk, across from the modern traditionally-designed temple. There are morning buses to Kathmandu (Rs 145 Appox) and Nepalganj (Rs 140 Appox). 

There regular buses to Bhairawa/Sunauli (23km).
You book private night buses at shop with a red sign (in Nepali), next to Fedee Restaurant at Traffic Chowk. Private day buses are booked at the office (has a red sign in Nepali) between the Siddhartha and Samrat hotels. 

There are buses to Birganj (Rs 120 Appox), Gorkha (Rs 100 Appox), Janakpur (Rs 195 Appox), Kathmandu (Rs 150 Appox), Mugling (Rs 140 Appox, night), Narayanghat (Rs 59 Appox, all day), Nepalganj (Rs 150 Appox, day and night) and Tansen (Rs 110 Appox, morning).

Major Airports Close to Butwal, Nepal:
The distances below are straight-line estimates. If you are planning a trip, check the exact driving distance to/from the airport.

The closest major airport is Gautam Buddha Airport (BWA / VNBW). This airport has domestic flights from Bhairawa, Nepal and is about 22 km from the center of Butwal, Nepal.

Another major airport is Pokhara Airport (PKR / VNPK), which has domestic flights from Pokhara, Nepal and is 76 km from Butwal, Nepal.

International airports near Butwal, Nepal
188 km: Tribhuvan International Airport - Kathmandu, Nepal (KTM / VNKT)
257 km: Varanasi Airport - Varanasi, India (VNS / VIBN)
273 km: Amausi Airport - Lucknow, India (LKO / VILK)
360 km: Gaya Airport - Gaya, India (GAY / VEGY)

Domestic airports near Butwal, Nepal
22 km: Gautam Buddha Airport - Bhairawa, Nepal (BWA / VNBW)
76 km: Pokhara Airport - Pokhara, Nepal (PKR / VNPK)
96 km: Bharatpur Airport - Bharatpur, Nepal (BHR / VNBP)
107 km: Gorakhpur Airport - Gorakhpur, India (GOP / VEGK)

Local airports near Butwal, Nepal
78 km: Meghauli Airport - Meghauli, Nepal (MEY / VNMG)
78 km: Meghauli Airport - Meghauli, Nepal (MHU)

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